Introducing Waffle Swap: The Waffle Pre-Sale is Coming Soon! 🧇

We are proud to announce that our pre-sale round ( is scheduled to start on Friday 16th April at 18:00 UTC.

Here are the pre-sale details:

• 1500 BNB Hard Cap

• 6666 $WAF per BNB

• Maximum contribution: 3 BNB

• Listing Price: 4800 $WAF per BNB

• 50% Liquidity Lock

Note: Listing will be done immediately after the pre-sale is sold out, we will be listing on Pancakeswap & RSET Exchange.

The pre-sale round comes after the successful completion of the initial seed round hosted on leading DeFi Launchpad Pinpoint Capital ( for broader exposure. The seed round of 500 BNB was sold out in less than 30 seconds, capped at 5 BNB per person, thanks to Pinpoint Capital’s strong community.

Due to the high interest in our project we have decided to lower the contribution fee from 10 BNB down to 3 BNB. We believe in fairness and we’d like more people to have an opportunity in owning some waffles!

Key Features on Waffle DEX Aggregator

As the fastest DEX aggregator system, our platform offers users the quickest limit orders and very low fees since the protocol is built on BSC.

We impose no KYC requirements on users, meaning that they can swap their tokens on BSC DEXs while enjoying the utmost privacy.

Crypto enthusiasts will also be soon able to participate in yield farming and lock liquidity in Waffle staking pools ( to earn passive income on their holdings. Our governance feature allows users community members to vote and determine protocol fees and distribution of rewards.

To learn more about the Waffle project and our upcoming developments, please check our website (, Twitter ( and Telegram (

The Waffle Smart Contract Security Audit Is Complete
We engaged CTDSec (, a trusted smart contract security auditor, to vet the Waffle protocol during the first weeks of April.
The audit firm has a lot of experience in blockchain development and security; they carried out a technical evaluation of Waffle to identify security flaws in the design and implementation of our smart contracts.

Our dev team provided CTDSec with access to the platform’s code repository and whitepaper to facilitate thorough research, investigation, and review of the waffle contract.

CTDSec found zero security threats to the contract, such as private user data leaks and DoS with Revert/block gas limit. They also determined that the Waffle contract was well equipped to handle various issues such as possible data delivery delays.

Overall, the auditing firm concluded that our contract has followed good cybersecurity practices and is safe to deploy.

Why Waffle Swap?

We are a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator built in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and tailored for the BSC ecosystem. Our platform seeks to provide the best cryptocurrency prices across multidex exchanges on the BSC ecosystem, all in one user-friendly interface.

We also provide initial liquidity offering (ILO) features for upcoming projects on BSC to facilitate the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

Our platform eliminates the need for manually checking crypto prices, bringing efficiency to swapping on BSC DEXs. The aggregator works by sourcing liquidity from different DEXs such as PancakeSwap, Bakeryswap, Julswap etc. This functionality enables our users to swiftly and conveniently access better token swap rates they couldn’t find on any single DEX.

Our DEX aggregator also offers a non-custodial platform that allows all trades to occur within one transaction from a user’s BSC-based wallet. Furthermore, the platform provides a deflationary system burning supply in all transactions, increasing the tokens’ value every day.

What is RSET Exchange?

While Waffle is our DEX aggregator, RSET Exchange is our very own DEX! While currently our main focus is the DEX aggregator, RSET is our exchange that is already a working product. We plan to take our exchange to the next level and aim to also further grow it with developments, updates, and a complete new facelift all in due time.

At Waffle Exchange we are coming to the community with working products. This is intended so everyone can utilize our products right away. Once the launch has been successfully completed, our dev team will be continuously working on our platforms to further optimize user experience. Things are cooking up, seriously, who doesn’t love waffles? 🧇

Waffle is a DEX aggregator built in BSC and made for BSC ecosystem to provide the best crypto prices around all BSC DEX

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