Waffle Swap: Adding Some Butter to your Waffles!

The team has been working hard since launch, and we’ve come to realize that waffles taste better with some butter on it! You might be thinking what does this mean to all the waffle lovers out there? To put it simply, all the waffle lovers are going to get some butter airdropped to make their waffles more tasty!

Our Farming will go live on Thursday 16:00 UTC with 7 different pools:


What is $BTR (Butter):

Butter will be a new token that we will be added to the Waffle Swap Ecosystem to further incentivise Waffle Holders and our Farmers.

On Wednesday 16:00 UTC A Snapshot of current $WAF Holders will be taken and all $WAF holders will be getting an airdrop of $BTR according to the % they hold from the total supply. All data will be utilized from bscscan.com

$BTR Will have no team token allocation, no dev or marketing token allocation. The Airdrop will also be blacklisted for all team wallets. The total supply of $BTR will be 1 Billion and 300M $BTR will get airdropped to $WAF Holders. Please view the image below to see the distribution:

Melted Butter tastes better:

We believe melted butter tastes better! In order to farm on Waffle Swap, each time a user decides to utilize any pool, the user must pay a fee of 50,000 $BTR. This will then be burnt, keeping the $BTR melted and deflationary!

Whats Next:

The team is proud to announce that all developments are going steadily, next update will be about limit orders which we are in schedule with time for. We’ve done a mini UI Upgrade, and will continue to upgrade the UI as we go along, we thank you all for the support thus far and are excited to introduce you to our Waffle Farm on Thursday!

What to do:

Absolutely Nothing needed to do, you will automatically get airdropped $BTR according to your position of $WAF, a snapshot will be taken 24 hours before farming goes live. If you don’t have enough waffles, now might be a good time!

Waffle is a DEX aggregator built in BSC and made for BSC ecosystem to provide the best crypto prices around all BSC DEX

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